My love is like a star

Published February 6, 2016 by kucha

“Evangeline”-ray,the princess and the frog


She Wonder

Published February 21, 2013 by kucha

Friendship? What it friendship? 

She is clueless about friendship. Does she has any BBF? Yes? No? She also wonder about it. There were a lot of friends to laugh with, to play with and even to hang out with but does she is able to share anything she feels with those friends of hers? 

She, the person who never know how to express her feeling, the person who always wrongly expressed it when she tried to do so, still searching a friend who will appreciate it as a good friend. Is it the person on her right? Or on her left? Maybe the person who stand far away from her?

Or does she extremely paranoid with friend? Afraid no one would listen to her if she start to open a bead by bead history of her life or how she really feel…

Maybe she should open her eyes. Open it widely. She should start thinking positively. She is a human. They are also human. Human should know how to take care of their own feeling.

Right now in her mind, the only management that she think is the best, 

to love them as much as you know them

to care about them as much as you worried about them

never ask for any return

give a hand when they want

lend your ear when they need

and love them endlessly

then live positively